Sweets for Your Sweetie: Felt Flower Scarf

Little Bundts need something sweet for Valentine’s Day too! So, I’ve been working on this felt flower scarf. It’s SO easy, you can complete it in a day, or in a few nights in front of the TV.

I originally made one for a friend, here’s the adult version.

Adult Felt Flower Scarf

I wish I could say I came up with idea myself, but I got it from Amy of Watch Me Daddy. It’s a great new blog and you can find specific and clear directions for making the felt flower scarf here.

I decided I’d make a scaled down version for my daughter for Valentine’s Day. One yard of felt (the wide bolt) will give you more than enough felt for a scarf and should cost less than $10. I had a coupon, so mine ended up being less than $5.

I cut the length of the scarf down to 40 inches. I made the circles 4in, 3in, 2in, and 1in in diameter. It’s not important that the circles be perfect because you’re going to scallop the edges later. The original scarf has five circles to make the flowers, but for a smaller scarf scaling down the fluffiness of the scarf made sense.

The original scarf required 13 flowers, I cut this down to 12. For a smaller person, eliminating the flowers behind the neck (and under the hair) of the person wearing the scarf made sense.

Cut 12 circles of each diameter. You should have 48 circles.

Scarf and circles

Then scallop the edges of the scarf and the circles.

Scalloped scarf and circles

Stack the largest three circles, big to little so the little on is on top. Follow the instructions from Watch Me Daddy here. Here’s a few photos to get you started.

Contour the neckStack the petalsFold over and sewPull tightSew in the final petal folded in quarters

And voilà! You end up with this darling little scarf. Now to keep it a surprise, I photographed the scarf on me. So it’s a little shorter than it will be on little Bundt. You get the idea.

Felt Flower Scarf for Kids

So easy you can make it this weekend! What special things do you do for your little ones for Valentine’s Day? Does your family have any special traditions?

Need more Valentine’s ideas? See yesterday’s post here.



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