Sleep in heavenly peace

I was puny today and spent most of the day lying on the couch trying to find a way to breathe without using my nose. Since I don’t normally watch a lot of daytime TV or TV anytime really, it gave me a chance to see all the commercials that I’ve been missing. Commercials aren’t normally my thing, I love DVR because I can fast forward through them. I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that more and more Christmas commercials have started to appear and these are the ones I really enjoy. So today I’m grateful for a little crass commercialism.

I should tell you that I believe that Christmas should be confined to December and your tree needs to be down before you go back to work. When I was a little girl we didn’t put our tree and decorations up until well into December. Even now I would like to wait until no more than ten days before Christmas to get all the junk out. I just can’t appreciate something that drags on forever. Never mind the logistics of keeping a dog and five cats out of the tree and keeping it alive with constant watering. And by the time Dick Clark rings in the New Year my fingers are starting to itch with the exciting and dreaded prospect of de-decorating. I’m ready to go to Target and buy storage totes. I want my house back. I’d prefer Christmas not drag on forever. But since it starts earlier each year I guess I need to find a way to get on board. So I’m sticking my toe in the water with some touching commercials.

I saw the Pampers commercial with the sleeping babies and Silent Night playing a few days ago. It always gets me. The babies are so sweet and the music so soft. I remember when my little person was still little. Those fat cheeks, the cute little sleepers, the tiny little breaths. Not a care in the world. Truly at peace.

I also love the Folgers coffee commercials. Some prodigal child is always returning from the war, the Peace Corps, a college so far away that he can only get home for Christmas. Brewing a pot of coffee and catching up. It reminds me of the good feeling you have when your family shows up for the holidays. You know, the part when you still are glad they’re there and not wishing they’d take their kids, pets, weird bathroom habits and irritating mannerisms right back from whence they came. Those few moments of fuzzy holiday bliss.

The commercials that are so, well, commercial I can’t take. But give me Santa on a sleigh with some puppies and elves and babies or a zippy Norelco whooshing through the snow and I’ve got my holiday spirit on. Just please, no more gag-me “every kiss begins with Kay.” Anyone worth his salt knows you can’t pass off an engagement ring as a Christmas gift.



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