Which one to choose?

I’ve been a slacker and not written for a few days. Not because I have nothing for which to be grateful. Just because the weekend overwhelmed me. So I’m going through the handful of posts I had in my brain and amalgamating them into one big post.

We had a pretty good week last week which is what I was grateful for on Friday. So much so that we went to Carlos O’Kellys (or Sarlos as we affectionately call it) for dinner. But we went without MaddiO so, so shhhh, don’t tell her. I’ll never forget it if she finds out! We had an article published and each made some headway in some other areas. We needed a week with a little less, well, just less in it. And we got it so that was great.

Madeline was with her Grandma Faye for the weekend so on Saturday we took Winnie and headed to White Oak Canyon for some hiking. You would think that having grown up in that county I would have been there before. But I had not and it was nice to see it with Brenton. It was a beautiful day, warm enough to not need a sweatshirt but not hot enough to be icky. We hiked aways, had lunch and came back down. For dinner I made a new soup and we hung out on the couch, a good kind of tired. Even Winnie was exhausted.

There are people like us who spend a LOT of time working on the yard and the house, and then there’s everyone else. I have friends in both camps so I’m not judging. But we do work REALLY hard in the yard and it was finally time to put things to bed for the winter. The fall garden is in and doing well, soon the tiny broccoli will be big enough to eat. There were still some leftover summer plants that had to be put out of their misery. Brenton mowed and mulched the leaves. The elephant ears and cannas were pulled up and saved for spring. We planted about a million daffodil bulbs (seriously). I was tired of squatting and pushing the bulbs into the little holes but after a long, cold winter I know it will be thrilling to see their little green shoots forcing their way above the snow. And many are on the warm side of the house so they’ll be up extra early.

Okay, that’s a lot of rambling I know. The gratitude part is that we were able to enjoy a weekend outside together in the middle of November. Not something you get all the time. We had fun hiking. I’m not particularly outdoorsy, but I like being outside. When it’s not hot and there aren’t bugs. The yard looks great. We have greener, thicker grass than we’ve seen all year. We’re so very fortunate to have a home that we love, one that’s a safe place for us to be. It keeps us warm and dry and, for the moment, nothing is in dire need of repair. For many years I had to go it alone on the yard and house. Or pay or beg someone to come and help me. I am very thankful for the strong back that works alongside me. One that doesn’t expect me to crawl under the house with those horrible high-jumping crickets but is also thankful that I will get out there and work alongside him. Often in the unpleasant temperatures of summer. Of course I’m usually in charge of water and snacks so that adds to my appeal!

Today it’s back to being cool and cloudy. There’s rain in the forecast which will undoubtedly bring down a bunch of new leaves onto my lush green grass. But Madeline’s home and Brenton’s still here. There are cats everywhere and Winnie is woofing outside. And if that’s all I get at then end of the day that is WAY more than enough for me.


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