I love Chick-fil-a for a number of reasons. It’s not my favorite place to eat by any means but as a company I can get behind the things they do. We stopped in today for a quick lunch and, as usual, I was reminded why I have tremendous respect for Chick-fil-a. Of course the food’s not bad either.

I have said before that I d0n’t know what kind of training program they have that turns average teenagers into pleasant, look-you-in-the-eye, glad to serve you kind of people. But I truly believe that they should bottle it and sell it to every parent and school in America. It’s an absolute delight to hear one of these friendly young people say “It will be my pleasure to serve you” in such a manner that I actually believe it.

I love the fact that someone is almost always cleaning up. Sweeping the floor, offering to take my tray, wiping down a table before I sit. All of these things add value to my dining experience. And when the cost of the average meal is under $7 that’s A LOT of value.

Chick-fil-a employs some valuable workers that might not be able to get jobs in other places. It warms my heart because this is the right thing to do. It also causes me to slow down and be a bit more patient which is something I always need practice on. Setting people up to succeed is one of the kindest things you can do. It also reinforces the idea that shoving every kid into college prep classes and insisting he go off to college is not the best way to run a country. We desperately need people of all abilities and skill levels to make things run. Be grateful that no one allows me to fix cars, cut hair, or do accounting. It would be disastrous. I am so very, very grateful to the folks at Lee Hill Auto who can fix my car, my dear friend Charles Flood who is a hair magician, and the wonderful Diane Beverly who straightens my piles of receipts and sticky notes into a legitimate tax return. Thank the good Lord they can do what they do.

I’ve spent A LOT of time on the road over the last decade and I’ve eaten in A LOT of places including some very fine restaurants and some less upscale gas stations. It’s the joy and pain of being a road warrior. But I would be hard pressed to find a place where I am as glad to spend my money than Chick-fil-a. They’re good people doing a good business and that’s something we can all appreciate.


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