Movie Night!

Madeline is usually home either Friday or Sunday night. Most of the rest of the weekend she’s gone to her dad’s. But, dad’s out of town for a few weeks so we have the pleasure of spending the weekend together like a regular family which is a nice treat.

I’m grateful that last night we had the opportunity to have a nice dinner together (meat loaf and mashed potatoes) and then curl up on the couch with some popcorn and watch a movie together. It was too cold to go out and frankly, a lot more comfy to put on our jammies and lounge on the couch able to pause and rewind when necessary.

This morning Madeline had an event at church but now she’s home, watching a DVD and singing and dancing in the living room. Brenton’s out removing all the dying garden parts and I’m roasting a chicken. We’re all together kind of doing what we do. And it’s nice for me to have all my chicks under one roof for a change.

So today I’m grateful for a little change in schedule that allows us to not have to cram in the weekend events into one evening. But still hoping for a little less family togetherness than we had with last winter’s snows.


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