Better than me

I know that as people go most of us are just about the same. We want to make good decisions, we wish good things for others, we pray for God‘s will in our lives and grace for those that we love. I do all of those things and more. The same things you all do. But very often I am not the kind of person I want to be and I’m certain that I often fall short of God’s expectations for me.

So today I am grateful for all those people who are better than me. The ones who lift you up. The ones who always say the nice things. The ones who never seem to have a negative thought. The ones who can see the better and believe in their hearts that there is better out there.

I know that very often these people have low moments, too. Their low moments just don’t happen to coincide with mine. They’re able to lift me up and know that I will lift them up in their low moments in return.

But I am so very, very grateful for the family and friends I have who are able to see past the petty trappings of a situation and lift up others. I long ago lost count of how many times they have done this for me. And I hope that I have learned caring, kindness, patience, faith, generosity of spirit and the true meaning of prayer from these experiences. And I hope that for each person who has ever lifted me up, whether they be friend or stranger, that I am able to pass along that same gift into the universe so it will be there in their time of need.


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