Yes, we actually READ the book.

Several years ago I decided I wanted to be part of a book club and didn’t readily find one that fit my schedule so I made my own. I talked with a few of my friends who liked to read and had similar tastes in books and we decided to give it a try.

Many books later (some great, some not so great) it has turned into a really great group of girls who are a lot of fun, choose some wonderful reads and put out quite a lovely spread of snacks!

It is not a group made up exclusively of my friends. We all invite special people that we meet who we think might enjoy the reading or the company. But we are a group of friends bonded around the shared experience of reading these books together. Or not reading them! You see at our book club you’re welcome to come, eat and talk whether you read the book or not. No will judge you if you didn’t finish or if you miss a few meetings. We’re not that serious, but we are a lot of fun.

People often ask if we REALLY read the books. Of course we do! Is that all we talk about at the meetings? Of course not! We’re women with husbands and kids, dogs and jobs, crazy co-workers and families we love. We share our books, our time, our recipes and the experiences that shape our view of the world and of the books.

I am grateful that I have been able to meet some new friends and have these women in my life. And I look forward to seeing them every time we meet.


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