Living without fear

It was less than 100 years ago that women got the right to vote. Hard to believe that there were 300 years of American history before that even happened. So today, like every election day I went and cast my ballot. This is great and of course I am grateful for this right but that isn’t the blessing I’m going to count today.

Today when I voted it was very peaceful as it usually is at my little polling place. It was mid-morning, quiet and cold. Just a few elderly folks, a mommy, and Brenton and me. We walked in without anyone outside even speaking to us. Went to the desk and gave our names and addresses and headed to the computers. I clicked through my four choices, hit the big VOTE button, got my sticker (because it was $5 burrito day) and walked back out and home. That was awesome, but here’s the part for which I am grateful. The miraculous part of this is that no one was blown up, there is no government agency that’s going to throw out my vote or pretend the ballot never existed. It’s not even on paper. There was such little fanfare that it was almost anti-climatic. And that’s what I’m thankful for today.

I think this a lot. I go to Wegman’s and complain about grocery shopping or run to the mall and pick up something and fuss about the sales clerks or the traffic. But ultimately I am acutely aware that I can do all of these things in peace. It is highly unlikely that the mall will be blown up by anti-capitalist terrorists while I’m going to Bath & Body.

I go to church, speak out against the government, assemble for book club and live with someone who bears arms. I believe in due process and that were I to commit a crime I would get a fair trial and would not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. Though jail might be harder on me than most. And in those ways I celebrate my freedom and my gratitude that I was born into what is still the greatest country with the opportunity to improve every day.

Thank you God for letting me live in a place where I can vote openly and live to fight another day.


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