In the beginning . . .

I’ve been thinking about blogging for awhile and as I embark on a pretty big change in my life it seems like a good time to start.

So I needed a title. I considered what was happening in my life. Nothing short of complete revamping and transformation. And I thought about my friend, Martha Stewart. Well, we’re not really friends since she doesn’t even know I exist. But, as my Grandma would say, she emails me, so we must be friends!

Whether or not you like Martha is really irrelevant. Martha has reinvented herself on several occasions to better serve her empire. She went through a divorce and came out for the better. She made mistakes and went to prison. Her company was struggling and she rearranged, reassessed and diversified. And she always wants to do things the best possible way. “It’s a good thing.”

I appreciate someone who exhibits this kind of versatility and commitment. It’s an idea I can easily translate into my own life. Plus her over-the-top entertaining, cooking and home keeping skills are right up my alley.

So, there you go. I’m going to ask myself “What would Martha do?” as step in to the next chapter of my life. I’m going to start by counting my blessings. November is a great time to do that anyway but I think posts about thankfulness for a month will both help me commit to regular posting and remind me that I am blessed millions of times over and I need to be mindful of that as I cope with change.

Ready or not, November 1 will be the beginning of 30 days of gratitude.


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